Grouted Tile Cleaning

Tile can only be as pretty and clean as the grout; unfortunately the grout is easily dirtied with just daily mopping. Microscopic particles of dirt in fairly clean mop water settle into the porous surface of the grout because it sets lower than your tile. Daily accumulations of the particles alone can turn your tile a dark unsavory color in just a short time.

Two things are crucial to tile looking clean and beautiful:

1.) Grout Cleaning on a regular basis
2.) Keeping an adequate sealer coated on the tile and grout

We specialize in all types of tile and grout cleaning, from pristine bank lobby floors to busy restaurant restrooms; from ongoing regular maintenance to restoring grouted tile.

  • Environmentally safe chemicals applied in a way that protects your surrounding floors
  • Regular maintenance diminishes the chances of buildup and permanent staining
  • Walls, Baseboards and Floor applications available
  • Sealer can be quoted with cleaning, or as a standalone service
  • Mildew inhibitors and removal
  • Indoor and outdoor applications available
  • Prepping by pressure washing is an option where applicable
  • Regular maintenance to restoration
  • Include or exclude moving furniture to accommodate your budget
  • We follow OSHA approved safety guidelines
  • Construction Sites to working alongside on going production
  • Service area, counties of: NC VA SC GA TN FL
  • We can accommodate any cleaning schedule, holidays & weekends, one time or regular schedule, small or large jobs
  • Free Walk Through and Quotes
  • Insured for all cleaning applications: General Liability, Umbrella Liability, Workers Comp, Bond
  • MSDS available for all chemicals, paints, and products