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Kitchen Cleanings

Thursday, January 12, 2017

AVEX has been busy with Commercial kitchen cleanings.  Grease, Grim, dirt, and slug we clean it all.

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Getting Clean Floors for the New Year

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

  Its that time of the year, New Year and time for cleaning. Let us help take some of the dirt and grim again from last year. Get those floors looking like new.

Repairs on Strip & Wax Floors

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When Your floors become this damaged due to tow motors and pallet jacks give us a call. We have plenty of experience with floor repairs.

October Special- Construction Clean Up

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Check Out this month's Special on Construction Clean Up!! 10% Discount on Construction Clean Up which includes; Demo, Debris Removal, and Repair from NOW until November 30, 2016 on new and existing quotes!! Work provided upon availability 7 days a week! Commercial & Industrial Only. Bonded & Insured

July- Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Check out this month's special on, Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning!!

10% Off from now till July 10, 2016 on New and Existing Quotes!

Work provided upon availability 7 days a week! 

Commercial and Industrial Only. Bonded & Insured.

May Special- Reconstruction

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Check Out this month's Special on Reconstruction!! 

10% Discount on Reconstruction which includes; Demo, Debris Removal, and Repair from NOW until June 25, 2016 on new and existing quotes!! Work provided upon availability 7 days a week! Commercial & Industrial Only. Bonded & Insured

Pond Cleaning - Yes, We Clean Ponds

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New to the pond cleaning as a business, but not as an individual.


I grew up on a farm in Lincolnton, NC and for years had to clean our pond that watered our cows.


Now, we have incorporated pond cleaning into our vast number of services available to you.


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Things You Should Know About Grouted Tile

Thursday, April 09, 2015

In the 20 years I have been servicing floors I find the tile floor the most challenging, easiest to ruin, and the most beautiful when clean correctly.
With the ever rising cost of labor, strip and wax tiles are becoming fewer and farther between. Since the mid-nineties, and lead by the fast food industry, grouted floor have become more cost effect over time when the cost of waxing, stripping, and buffing were figured into waxable tile.


  • Always have sealer included in your grout cleaning quote
  • Change mop heads frequently
  • Grout cannot be cleaned by mopping alone
  • Many cleaners can strip your sealer without you realizing it
  • Lack of sealer on grout can permanently stain your tile
  • Unsealed grout is more likely to hold germs than sealed grout

However, grouted tile cannot go forever without proper cleaning by trained staff. Once the sealer from installation has been removed, that is added to protect the pristine while grout between tiles, the floor dirt and grime turns the grout black and can possibly stain it beyond repair.

Most companies do not ever realize the grout is sealed and unknowingly used ammonia and Clorox based cleaners to clean the tile and it actually removes the sealer…the sealer containing the dirt and buildup, leaving a beautiful grout.

However, and more times than not, they do not replace the sealer, usually, as I said, because they didn’t know it was there. Sealer is clear and is not a shiny finish like wax.

Once the customer has accidentally removed the sealer the real damage sets in, there is nothing to protect the white grout and a restoration cleaning must be done, usually about 95 percent effective, if the floor has not been let go too long.

One more common misconception, you can keep grouted tile clean with proper mopping. Just not true.

Once a mop is wiped properly across the floor, it picks up dirt and sediment, and leaves a thin layer of water of the floor, and the majority of it settling into the lowest point, the grout between the tiles.

After that first swipe across the floor, the water becomes dingy, that discoloration is particles in the mop water now, and unless you are going to change you mop water after each and every swipe, the next swipe now contains a lot of those microscopic particles and is applied to the floor with regular mopping and in that thin layer of what appears to be perfectly clean water on the floor, actually has thousands of particles and all looking to settle in porous grout, once the water evaporates.

So, you cannot, no matter how much you mop, clean your grout by mopping

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